Soil and Foundation Repair

North Texas is one of the greatest places to live…


…and it shows in so many ways. Each day hundreds flock to our great home. Amazing public schools, a vibrant and connected community, fantastic heritage companies and new companies are bringing in many relocating from California, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, New York, and more. We think pretty much everything is bigger (and better) in Texas.

However, with so much greatness we have to have one flaw, right? Or no one could love us the way they do, right?

Well, it is our soil. That dirt that we are known for can shift over time- contracting and expanding depending on our ever changing weather. And your foundation moves.

If you are a North Texas native- this isn’t news to you. If you are relocating from another state- we don’t want you to run back to the land of income tax.

Just give us a call- if you have been in your house for years, you purchased an older home to re do, looking to invest, or even a new build, here at North Dallas Foundation we can help ensure that your foundation stays as healthy as it can for as long as possible.